Dominic Capone III was born and raised on the south-side of Chicago, Illinois, where, 80 years before, his cousin, Al Capone built the most ruthless and powerful crime empire of all time.

Thrown out of preschool for fighting, Dominic developed a fierce independence from an early age. He established his own bicycle chop shop in his parents' garage at age 13, and by age 16 he had his own car detailing business. Since his loyalty to his family was always paramount, he devoted the rest of his teen years to his family's growing pizzeria business until he was 21.

On his own, Dom made positive choices in his life, moving away from a life of crime that seemed in his ancestral destiny, and into the art of film and TV. After attending Chicago's famous Second City for 2 years, Chicago Actors Studio for 4 years and many years or training, he committed himself to acting and producing projects ranging from comedy to the portrayals of his own famous ancestors.

Bearing a near identical resemblance to his cousin AL (Dom has the same suit size and dimensions as Al), Dom launched his acting career and earned his SAG card within just 2 months, booking numerous national commercials, TV shows and films over the next 18 years. He has since starred as Al Capone in an Emmy-nominated documentary series, "The Real Untouchables," while Starring in his own national TV show The Capones for the Reelz Channel.

Dom's greatest ambition is to build his own successful film/TV production company where his many concepts and versatile talents can flourish. Currently, he and his film and business partner, Steve Longmuir, a veteran writer/director.

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