Dominic Capone


Susan Sherman


Gash Dayplayer Directed by: Miles Swain
Bezerk Supporting Directed by: Soly Bina
Shut Up and Shoot Dayplayer Directed by: Silvio Pollio
Organized Crime Lead Directed by: Steve Longmuir
Head Crusher Lead Directed by: Ricardo Islas
Para matar a un asesino Principal Directed by: Ricardo Islas
The Neighbor Lead Directed by: Kevin Banna
The Voices from Beyond Principal Directed by: Tony Deguide
Old Chicago Souls Principal Directed by: Jeff Flack
Not Another B Movie Principal Directed by: John Wesley Norton
Chicago Overcoat Suppoting Directed by: Brian Caunter
Top Floor Supporting Directed by: Christopher Ruelas
Halloweed Principal Directed by: LazRael Lison
Rock City Police Lead Directed by: Raul Colon
Squatters Lead Directed by: Luan Kryeziu
Sonday Lead Directed by: Raul Colon
The Pride Supporting Directed by: Edi Mehana


Improv: Second City 1996-1998
Improv: Improv Olympic 1996-1997
Scene Study: Chicago Actors Studio 1997-2000
Stage Combat: Act One StudiosĀ 1998
Cold Reading: Audition Studio 1997-1998


Marty & Virginia Supporting Directed by: Steve Longmuir
The Hidden World Of Al Capone starring as: Al Capone GreyStone Studios for Travel Channel/ History Channel Directed by: Tom Jennings
The Real Untouchables Starring As Al Capone Atlantic Productions for TLC/ Discovery Channel Directed by: John Fothergill


The Capones Starring Asylum Produced for Reelz Channel
Dawiseguys Starring Directed by: Sal Amato
Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 21 Starring Directed by: Victor Mignatti
Turks Dayplayer Directed by: Randy Zisk
Early Edition Dayplayer CBS Network Directed by: Randy Singer
The Chicago Code Dayplayer Directed by: Paris Barclay
Electric Dreams Co-Star Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
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